I came to Dr. Beth because of back problems, a painful leg, chronic ear and sinus infection, dizzy spells and headaches.  I was constantly running to my Dr. for anti-bionics.  This had a negative effect on the way I interacted with my husband, children and grandchildren.  After meeting Dr. Beth at the Women’s Expo I call her “my little miracle worker.”  My headaches are gone for the most part.  My dizzy spells are less.  Sometimes I go for weeks with out one.  My leg and backache has improved.  In the last year I have only had one sinus infection and NO ear infections.  I find Dr. Beth sincerely cares about her patients.  She cares about your total well being and helps in anyway she can.  She is not only a wonderful chiropractic she is a wonderful, caring and amazing person.


I heard about Dr. Schatz from my daughter, who works in the same mall.  I had been suffering from migraines for the past five years.  It affected my life everyday because I never knew when a migraine would hit or how bad it would be.  I would have to get monthly shots of narcotics at the ER.  Chiropractic work has made a huge difference for me.  It has been six months without suffering from a major migraine.  I can now go out of town and actually not work about my head.


I saw Dr. Schatz office when I was taking my children to ECFE.  I had soreness in my legs, ankles and wrists from sports injuries in college.  I also had some lower back pain since I had had my children.  Prior to visiting Dr. Schatz I would do stretching to try and relieve any aches and pains, but it never solved the problem.  After seeing Dr. Schatz I have less pain and stiffness.  I have also been sleeping better.  I also brought my son to Dr. Schatz because of a chronic runny nose.  Since we started chiropractic it has significantly improved.


My son was the one who told me about Dr. Schatz, because I was having pain when I would get out of bed using my left leg. My Leg had been bothering me for about a year now, and it was making my routine jobs very difficult to do. After coming to Dr. Schatz I am able to ge t out of bed using my left leg and it’s been a lot easier doing my daily activities.


Describe your major complaint and what was done to correct your problem prior to seeing Dr. Schatz:  I saw Dr. Schatz seeking care for Pelvic Floor Tension Myalgia with chronic pain in my neck, shoulders, back, and my right SI joint. I also was experiencing constant constipation. To seek pain relief I used medications and saw a physical therapist. The pain and constant discomfort did not seem to be getting any better.
How long have you been suffering from this condition and how did this affect your life?  I have been in dire pain since 2004 and it has been a physical and emotional challenge everyday since. At times, I felt as if I spent more time going to doctors than I was able to spend enjoying time with my kids.
How did you hear of Dr. Schatz? I heard of Dr. Schatz and Power Within Chiropractic’s reputation through excellent recommendations from friends.
Has your problem been helped by chiropractic, and how has this affected your life? My quality of life is constantly improving as a direct result of my chiropractic care. Dr. Schatz’s use of the activator is a great tool for keeping my bones aligned and allowing my muscles to relax. My pain level as decreased significantly and I am able to spend more time and enjoy more activities with my kids.

Contributed by a patient of Dr. Beth

The Hastings Hawks are sponsored by Power Within Chiropractic

The Hastings Hawks are sponsored by Power Within Chiropractic

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